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price offers, this company engaged in domestic long, Fuzhou logistics short goods transport service of quality enterprise, powerful of highway network transport system, has more car owned and the affiliated freight vehicles, Fuzhou logistics can provides country whole car, LTL and the bulk goods of transport service, Fuzhou logistics supply sufficient and and national the big city freight Enterprise Union, Fuzhou Logistics provides convenient, Fuzhou logistics reliable of freight business and Fuzhou freight affiliated service.

Fuzhou East Thai Logistics Limited is professional Fuzhou to Jiangsu throughout logistics, Wuxi, Yixing, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Changzhou, Kunshan, Fuzhou to Shandong linyi logistics, Jinan, Qingdao throughout, around area line transport, Fuzhou to Beijing logistics, Fuzhou to Tianjin line logistics, this company engaged in domestic highway transport service, and more type transport, and Fuzhou freight whole car, and LTL service, and Fuzhou transport door door distribution service, has can load 13 tons, and Fuzhou freight 18 tons, and 20 tons, and 25 tons, and 35 tons, Fuzhou logistics models: long 7.2 meters, and 8 meters, and Fuzhou freight 9.6 meters half closed and the full closed vehicles, and Fuzhou freight 12.5 meters flat, and 13 meters flat, and 16 meters--17.5, welcomes around company come calls Advisory and chat transport business, Fuzhou freight looks forward to and from all walks of life friends mutual cooperation, Fuzhou logistics we may became you loyalty of cooperation partners, Fuzhou transport provides most quality of service.

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