Service commitment

1.  priority to all customer is our purpose, can be arranged according to the customer's requirements business.

2. the company may undertake the country Highway, rail and air transport operations; can be arranged according to the variety, package specifications, models, vehicles, less-than-truckload.

3. a variety of customized services to meet customer needs. Door to door services, freight forwarding services, cargo, expedited services, warehousing, insurance agent as a service to our customers.

4. new customers and old, is a needle, is a city, and we will, as always, in all weathers, day and night struggling to get your goods arrive safely within the time stated in the designated location.  

5. Wuxi Ming Jia logistics drivers and strategic transport partners with rich professional knowledge and practice and experience. To take care of customers ' goods in transit, and avoiding unnecessary damage and loss.

Contacts us

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